Let’s Chalk Shabbat

So, you’re walking down the street one Friday afternoon in central New York, just getting carried away with the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, when you literally stumble over some street art. I don’t mean art that is drawn on canvas and sold on the side of the road. I mean chalk and spray paint literally painted on the pavement/sidewalk.

On second glance, it looks like more than graffiti… it seems to have some cryptic clue of sorts. What could it mean? IN: 5:42 OUT: 6:40. And underneath it: 26/27/2018. It seems like a clue to a crossword puzzle. But isn’t that across and down, not in and out?

Hold on, take a moment… you’ll work it out…

Aha, eureka. It’s Friday afternoon on 26 October 2018. Shabbat comes in at 5:42pm in NY and goes out tomorrow at 6:40pm. How cool is that?! Oops, you look at your watch and realise it’s time to race home and get ready to light your Shabbat candles!

Rewind to ‘the drawing board’ – aka – ‘square one’. It all started a few months back, when a couple of incredible and inspired girls from Brooklyn took to the streets of New York and chalked Shabbat candle lighting times on the sidewalks. You can follow them on Instagram to see how they chalked the town Shabbat (@letschalkshabbat)!

So, it’s time now to get the whole world doing this for the Shabbat of The Shabbat Project. And we want you to get your graffiti on in your city/neighbourhood. Here’s how it works.

How to chalk Shabbat:

  • This is a girl-powered project, but everyone and anyone is invited to participate.
  • Any time from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon, take your Let’s Chalk Shabbat kit and hit the streets (your neighbourhood or city centre).
  • Use the pavements as your art board and chalk the Shabbat candle lighting times for the week.
  • We have stencils to help, or you can let your creativity run wild.
  • When people stop and have a look, hand out the Let’s Chalk Shabbat candles, so they remember to light their very own Shabbat candles in their homes.
  • You can spend hours doing one pavement masterpiece, or you can paint your town red (and blue, green, silver, etc) in Shabbat candle lighting times and messages of love.

Remember to post your Shabbat pavement artwork on social media, and spread the word, the light… and the love!

Download the stencils for yourself 

The world is your canvas! 

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