Make a ‘Shabbat Card’ from the heart!

A “SHABBATCARD FROM THE HEART” is a one-on-one parent-child fun activity in order to make a sick child shine for a moment. Children like to have one-on-one time with a parent, it makes them feel special. A parent is encouraged to listen to their child’s ideas of how to make cards, in general in a quiet and fun setting.


To do this, your child could choose the theme, the colors, the words, the stickers or whatever he likes. Get into your child’s world and allow him to set the theme. Your role is to explain to your child, in age-appropriate words, the circumstances of the child who is in the hospital and to guide your child, if necessary. You will be amazed at how creative your child is. The beauty of this project is, that no matter what your child creates, it is great, and is appreciated by the recipient as an act of kindness

As a parent, you could also write a personal uplifting message for the parent(s) of the sick child, and this is often experienced by your child as a team effort. These cards are often created by total strangers, friends and family members, who like to do acts of kindness. Every week before Shabbat, these cards are delivered to the parents and child in order to uplift what is sometimes a challenging Shabbat experience.

From age 3 to … you can make a card with a drawing, Shabbat illustration, photo’s, stickers it is all up your child. Please make a “ SHABBATCARD FROM THE HEART” for Ayelet Haschachar. She is a toddler and is presently treated in Schneider children’s Medical Center, in Petah Tikvah.

Here are some examples of positive ideas for parents and/or child in a hospital setting:

● You shine brighter than the sun
● You inspire me
● Be Brave
● So and so are praying for you
● I believe in YOU
● Never forget how amazing YOU are
● Draw a heart, sun, smiling face …etc

● Use bright colors, stickers ……… etc

At the request of hospitals, we ask you not to write “Get well”, “Feel Better” or other illness related comments and graphical illustrations. We prefer to focus on the child as a whole, rather than their illness. On one hand, some of the kids that receive our cards suffer from chronic, life-threatening and/or terminal conditions. Some may also be facing uncertainty regarding their treatment and diagnosis. On the other hand, for
some of the children, who also will be making these cards, hearing details of illnesses, could be worrying. This is why it is important to create only uplifting messages

Please drop off  SHABBATCARD FROM THE HEART at Grunberg residence, 95 Hahagana #95/15, Ra’anana.
From around the world and outside Ra’anana , please send SHABBATCARD FROM THE HEART to Max Grunberg, PO BOX 38, 4310001, Ra’anana, Israel

This project is endorsed by her parents, they appreciate all your care, praying and chessed initiatives.

We hope this will be an ongoing project that will reach other families going through a challenge of family illness.

For more information, contact Max at [email protected]

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