Baruch Shofnos – Pinsk, Belarus

We in Yad Yisroel Pinsk, Belarus had a wonderful Shabbos in 2 different locations
1. Our community in Pinsk with our bording school and dormitory had a bit over 250 people at 1 big Shabbos meal. We had all of the community and school come together plus had some parents come and experience their first Shabbos in their lives. (and off course first Challa bake as well)
2. in our Camp site we had close to 150 people come together from all over the country, which many of them are graduates of our schools who never continued in the Torah way, they came to get a reboost. and some that are thinking of sending their kids to our Jewish school.
We had special Lectures fly in from Israel and a full seminar program for adults and kids till Sunday afternoon.
Please LMK if you need some pictures.

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