Christo & Rita Boshoff – Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

The tears of Havdalah

It is now 7 years we have changed and stepped into Shabbat. At first it was a lonely road in a vast world of knowledge but we kept walking forward. We are growing although we are not living in a Jewish Community as there is no Shul or Rabbi in our area in South Africa. We however created a place of learning to all who wants to know about Shabbat and the Torah. As we enjoy our weekly Torah Studies on the Parasha and Haftorah, every week on Saturday evening around the Havdalah table, when the flame goes out, the tears flow as we have to end a day we never imagined could have existed in a world where everything is fast pace and where “urgency becomes priority.” But on Shabbat we are in a different world, a world of “shalom becomes priority”. Our tears are flowing on Havdalah as we set out the flame of Shabbat to rejoin the world in it’s race against time, and we leave behind the sacredness and security of Shabbat. May these tears always be tears of longing for the shalom of eternity in the olam haba, when the world will exist of Shabbat and no tears will be shed ever again.

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