Dora Mildenberg – Bogotá, Colombia

We had a beautiful Challah Bake, with more than 300 participants!! This year we decided to change a little, mostly because we wanted to give importance to the hafrasha as such, so we made the doughs (189!!) that morning!! The event was called “The Art of Braiding Challah” we taught our women and girls to make different braids (3 strands, 6 strands, round and heart-shaped) which they took pictures of so they can continue to make them.
It was a wonderful afternoon, we had delicious snacks and we finished off with some rikudim!! Lovely!!

Besides the Challah Bake, we had a Friday night Shabbat dinner at our local Kolel, we had two different kidush (lunch) on Saturday in the Sefardic and Ashkenazic/Lubavitch shuls where there were special Dvar Torah, games and beautiful tables overflowing with food and flowers and love!!

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