Saul Kamionsky – Johannesburg, South Africa

My family and I had the best Shabbos at Sunny Road Kehilah. After a beautiful shul service we were privileged to sit under the stars whilst listening to two stars of the Jewish community. The Chief Rabbi of South Africa, and Ephraim Kramer, Fifa’s chief medical officer.

Chief Rabbi Goldstein’s and Ephraim’s speeches were as beautiful and meaningful as the shul choir’s exceptional singing. Both speeches were immensely inspirational because they were on the two things that Jews worship – Judaism and soccer.

Ephraim demonstrated that there is always a Jew willing to help a fellow Jew – even in a country like Uzbekistan.

And Chief Rabbi Goldstein told us how the Shabbos Project unites all Jews – even women inmates in a prison who were participating in the challah bake.

When Chief Rabbi Goldstein arrived he greeted everyone and I felt special because he waved at me. We were also so privileged to meet Chief Rabbi Goldstein’s father.

The Shabbos Project is such an incredible initiative. It is amazing that Jews around the world all keep shabbos together. Thank you, Chief Rabbi Goldstein, for launching this unbelievable initiative.

May the Shabbis Project continue for many more years to come.

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The Shabbos Project